The Introductory Stride to OGRE

OGRE, acronym for Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine, is a scene-oriented 3D engine to make applications that make use of hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. The engine is written using C++. OGRE can be used in games, simulations.

OGRE has an object-oriented design with a plugin architecture that allows easy addition of features, thus making it highly modular. The engine is flexible, in the sense that there are no predefined constraints on those who wish to want to use OGRE, unlike other engines that are designed for a particular type of game or some application. Considering the gaming industry only, the developers can make use of different libraries in integration to OGRE, depending on their requirements.

OGRE provides support for various platforms including Linux, Windows, iOS and Android. It also imparts bracing for materials, shaders, meshes, animations. Special effects supported include compositor systems, particle systems, sprite graphics and much more. It has been used in commercial games like Torchlight and Ankh.

Installing OGRE:

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