Change color scheme of your vim

Bored of the color scheme of the vim editor. Changing involves a few steps as follows:

  1. Download the color scheme package.
  2. Extract it in your $Home/.vim folder.
  3. Now you have about 100 color schemes available for selection. Trying each one of them using :colorscheme colorscheme-name sounds time-consuming.
  4. Well, you can install another package Scroll Colors. Extract it in your $Home/.vim/plugins folder.
  5. Open your vim. Type :COLORSCROLL and you will be prompted to continue. Different color schemes will come in sequence when you navigate using arrows. You will get a preview of each color scheme. Look out at the name of the one that seems good to you.
  6. Open your vimrc file in admin mode. You can find it in your system at /etc/vim/vimrc.
  7. Add the line colorscheme greyhouse, say you want to use greyhouse scheme.
  8. Restart vim and enjoy your color scheme.


A new task

Yesterday we were given a task on a Django based project, Librehatti. We have to deploy Javascript in Django form. We will be working on the same for a few days.

Aha! Let me give a tips to customize your vim. 🙂

For this, you will editing your vimrc file which has the path /etc/vim/vimrc.

  • Setting line numbers: Add set number in the vimrc file.
  • Setting the tab length: set tabstop=4, in case you want it to be 4. Notice there are no spaces adjacent to ‘=’.
  • Viewing the matching brackets: Uncomment the showmatch line in the file.

Adding on a few plugins makes it more friendly. Will be updating those in a coming post.

Stay tuned! 😀