Just setting up in Unity

It’s been quite a while since I wrote here. I have been onto Unity, now Unity5, previously on Unity4.6. Unity5 is free now with so many more features which were in pro in earlier versions. The GDC day showed high ecstasy amongst the developers.

Since last few days, I have been doing those little yet important things. Well figuring them out is not an easy task either. The sprites were ready. The character controller was imported from the asset pack. Whoa! The character was so small compared to the other elements in the scene. What went wrong? The answer was resolution.

While importing the sprites, which initially are in the mode Texture, the Pixels Per Unit is set to 100 by default which should not be altered. I scaled it down to 1 which increased the size of elements in the scene considerably. Obviously, 100 pixels per unit and 1 pixel per unit is quite a noticable change. On exploring, finally today I have reached to the conclusion to use the default values. Also people say with such 1 ppi, handling physics can be a challenging task and natural physics’ implementation may be hindered.

So proceeding with sticking to the default values. Will keep updating you all. 🙂