Lovin’ it!

Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you…. 😀 Yeah, that has been happening to me since last week. I have had dreams of widgets flying here and there. Well, this is psychological! Though for the time I was in college, we were like we would do it, but deep inside I … Read More

Application Development in Qt

In Qt, basically 5 types of applications can be developed. Depending on your purpose, you choose the one and all the environment for developing the application is provided by the framework. They are namely: Qt Widgets Application <li>Qt Quick Application</li> <li>Qt Quick UI Application</li> <li>HTML5 Application</li> <li>Qt Console Application</li> In this post, I will be … Read More

And what I see is a book!

Huh! I got my hands a little bit on QML, Qt Meta Language. It is easy to use. Basically it is a language centred for the creation of UIs. The task is to create UI for LCv3 and subsequently for GD CAD. De novo, I began with exploring demos and examples provided in Qt documentation. … Read More

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