Selecting Matching Selectors when Objects are Selected

This post explains selection of treeview rows when objects belonging to that selector row are selected. First, the objects in the desktop selection are obtained. Next the treeview’s rows are iterated and each row’s column _colObj is obtained as: std::vector<spobject *> objVec = row[_mColumns._colObj]; The selected object’s ID is compared with each object’s ID in … Read More

Selection of Objects when Style Dialog Row is Selected

Whenever any row in Style Dialog is selected, the corresponding objects in the drawing must be selected. This was implemented quickly. First the selection prior to selecting any row is cleared. Next it is made sure that the objects are selected only when the tree column corresponding to selector label is clicked. First column with … Read More

The two ways of window selection

Ever tried on LibreCAD or AutoCAD? And then played with the selection using mouse drag in the drawing area. This feature is agile and it requires a little attention to catch the difference when selecting in increasing and decreasing values of x-axis. The logic of this feature’s implementation in eCAD was clearly associated with the … Read More

Undo/Redo for deletion && updating selection

Today we implemented undo/redo for delete operation. Likewise, we proceeded with undo/redo for move operation. Successfully implemented it for point entity. Saving the file also showed the updated coordinates of point. Moving the other entities resulted in inconsistent pushing of positions to the undo stack. Since the other entities need more information to be pushed … Read More

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