The Random Argument Input

In the previous implementation, the ordering of arguments mattered. Putting length as second argument after height as the first parameter altered the drawing which was not desired for the user. Considering the same entity wall, creating few walls like: wall(l=100,h=30,bx=10,by=10) wall(h=50,l=120,bx=10,by=40) wall(bx=20,h=100,by=100,l=60), does not affect the drawing. A vector was created for storing the values … Read More

It had to be transformed

So I struggled today to correct the implementation of ellipse we had done previously. Deploying QPainterPath for painting now, the ellipse got its axis parallel to the principal coordinate axes, no matter what was the position of clicks with respect to one another. The two cases are shown below though the tilted one has glitches. … Read More

Comme il faut point implementation

After so much grappling with the scene, mouse events and painting, we correctly implemented the point entity in eCAD. Multiple points can be drawn in the scene which can then saved in an xml file and then the file can be loaded as well, resulting in the painting of point entities stored in the file. … Read More

Another trivial step

Yesterday I was able to save only one graphics item i.e. one point only whenever a file was saved. I implemented the saving of all the points in the graphics scene. I thought so! But on opening the file I figured that the number of points saved in the file was equal to number of … Read More

A busy day!

Ah! Django. The name only always brought fear with it to me. I started with its tutorial today and completed the poll application. It was not that tough as I thought it would be. Besides, it was fun. And yes, the struggle of 3 days for the implementation of arc using 3 points bore fruits … Read More

No repainting yet!

So the points are stored in vector as I mentioned in my previous post. I am still stuck with repainting of these points in the graphics view. Only the first point painted is visible in the graphics scene. Earlier, the functionality of repaint was achieved by means of a signal-slot which we discovered not to … Read More

Beginning with storage

Yesterday, I started with storing the coordinates of various points that are painted in the graphics scene on mouse clicks in vector. The problem that came up was that there was repetition of a point two times being stored in the vector. The qDebug() (== cout) was implemented in the wrong place. We corrected it. … Read More

Application Development in Qt

In Qt, basically 5 types of applications can be developed. Depending on your purpose, you choose the one and all the environment for developing the application is provided by the framework. They are namely: Qt Widgets Application <li>Qt Quick Application</li> <li>Qt Quick UI Application</li> <li>HTML5 Application</li> <li>Qt Console Application</li> In this post, I will be … Read More

And what I see is a book!

Huh! I got my hands a little bit on QML, Qt Meta Language. It is easy to use. Basically it is a language centred for the creation of UIs. The task is to create UI for LCv3 and subsequently for GD CAD. De novo, I began with exploring demos and examples provided in Qt documentation. … Read More

Qt with Coin3D

Well, I do not know how many of you have heard of Qt and Coin3D. In this post, I will be telling you about these and how these two can be used together. What is Qt? Qt is a cross-platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software with a graphical user interface … Read More

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