The Random Argument Input

In the previous implementation, the ordering of arguments mattered. Putting length as second argument after height as the first parameter altered the drawing which was not desired for the user. Considering the same entity wall, creating few walls like: wall(l=100,h=30,bx=10,by=10) wall(h=50,l=120,bx=10,by=40) wall(bx=20,h=100,by=100,l=60), does not affect the drawing. A vector was created for storing the values … Read More

txt to Drawing in LibreCAD

Recently, I have been working with DXF library. My aim has been to take a text file as input from the user which has details of different elements of a building. Currently I am focusing on the wall entity. On parsing the input file, it yields a DXF file as output which can be opened … Read More

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