Comme il faut point implementation

After so much grappling with the scene, mouse events and painting, we correctly implemented the point entity in eCAD. Multiple points can be drawn in the scene which can then saved in an xml file and then the file can be loaded as well, resulting in the painting of point entities stored in the file.

Unlike the implementation we did initially, we did not have to make use of any signals to paint multiple point entities in the scene. Coming to the streaming of data, QXmlStreamReader and QXmlStreamWriter has been deployed to open and save an xml file respectively.

And yes, a different class has been improvised to create the graphics scene. Scene was implemented impromptuously previously. We have this innate feeling that now we are proceeding along the right track.

Happy! ^_^

Preview while line painting

Yeah! I have implemented the functionality to have a live preview while a line is painted. Just a little playing with mouse events and it was done.

But as far as I was going through various examples and tutorials, I was seeing that so much has been done for trivial things. I got confused, leaving those behind for a while, just a hit of common sense I should say and it was done. No doubt, more efforts are required to proceed. Feeling charged!

Now I will be implementing the same for other entities.