Feeling accomplished

The approach for live preview has been almost same but we figured out a way to remove the entities that got added in the scene before an entity was finally added in the drawing area. Incorporating another list for entities that were added to the drawing area helped us accomplish this since this was cleared … Read More

Bugs can be beautiful

Moving to my next task, live preview. Earlier we have been deploying only mousePressEvent() and mouseReleaseEvent(). The mouseMoveEvent() will be coming in action now. The other day I have been working on this and my colleagues were really enjoying using this, though it is a bug. Just a glimpse: Isn’t it awesome? 😀 I will … Read More

Preview while line painting

Yeah! I have implemented the functionality to have a live preview while a line is painted. Just a little playing with mouse events and it was done. But as far as I was going through various examples and tutorials, I was seeing that so much has been done for trivial things. I got confused, leaving … Read More

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