Installing Jabref

Jabref is an application to manage bibliography. It’s installation is pretty simple. Running the following command in Ubuntu 14.04 installs version 2.8 of Jabref while the latest one is 3.6.

sudo apt-get install jabref

The latest version can be obtained from here. You need Java version 1.6 or newer. On obtaining the jar file, you have to run it using the command:

java -jar JabRef_3.6.jar

Next to add launcher in the Start menu, follow these steps:

  1. cd ~/.local/share/applications/
  2. vim JabRef.desktop
  3. Make your file look like:
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=java -jar /path/to/Jabref/jar/file/JabRef_3.6.jar

The logo can be obtained from here. Save and exit. You have it in your launcher. Create your database and enjoy!

Android Application Execution Error

Running my application in Android Emulator, I faced this error:

error:execution failed for task ':app:compiledebugjavawithjavac'.

My application got build up and ran in the emulator despite ignoring this issue. However, running it on my USB connected device was not a success.

Here’s how it is fixed. It demanded the environment variable JAVA_HOME to be set up. Open up your .bashrc file in your favorite editor. Add export JAVA_HOME="/path/to/your/jdk/installation" to the end of this file. I set the value to /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-amd64. This set up the JAVA_HOME for me.

Next .gradle directory in the application directory needs to be deleted and then go to Build > Make Project in the Android Studio menu. This builds up the application’s fresh .gradle directory. And Run your application successfully.