Another Django form

Today, we accomplished another task in LibreHatti. A two-level drop-down has to be implemented in Librehatti whenever a Lab Report has to be generated. Earlier, this was actualized using one drop-down each on one page. It was like lab was selected on one page and when submitted, the user was taken to another page that asked for selection of material corresponding to the lab selected.

So AJAX again came into action and we settled this, implementing dependent drop-downs here too. Nothing was related to admin in this case.

It was quite easy. Then scrutinized kernel of LCv3.

A busy day!

Ah! Django. The name only always brought fear with it to me. I started with its tutorial today and completed the poll application. It was not that tough as I thought it would be. Besides, it was fun.

And yes, the struggle of 3 days for the implementation of arc using 3 points bore fruits today. 😀

Coming to my own project, I am thinking to keep the repainting issue aside and store the data of one graphics item in a file. Came across QXmlStreamReader and QXmlStreamWriter provided by Qt. These classes save the data in XML format. Data streaming coming to my mind. The items() function of QGraphicsScene is helpful in retrieving the graphics item in a graphics scene. But then on discussion came to know will it work when zooming operations are performed on the graphics scene.

A storm in my head, where will it lead? One question leading to another. So much to explore yet!

So much to be done

Made changes in implementation of point. I tried to repaint applying the condition that painting shall continue until there are points stored in vector i.e. size of vector != NIL. Debugging worked but only one point on the scene. Something real silly I guess. Will try to implement this first on passing static coordinates in the vector. Well I feel all those will be painted. Still will be giving it a try tomorrow.

Then I continued with implementation of arc only. The arc has been working good if points are selected clockwise, besides with an angle difference between the start and end points more so near 180 degrees I guess.

We were told to install Librehatti. Did it. We have to understand its workflow first and foremost. Need to get hands on Django for the same.

Also tried installing OGRE. I lost it after my mint 17 fresh install. It was fun working on it for sometime. But a dependency problem led it nowhere. The same has been reported as a bug in most of the forums.

And yeah! I have been hearing of FELT these days. Well, saw it working. It’s a real powerful software. Was wondering how it would have gone under development. Awesome!

So many things to be done. I really feel the necessity of daily targets for myself. The day just flies. Real time to feel the gusto!