Another Django form

Today, we accomplished another task in LibreHatti. A two-level drop-down has to be implemented in Librehatti whenever a Lab Report has to be generated. Earlier, this was actualized using one drop-down each on one page. It was like lab was selected on one page and when submitted, the user was taken to another page that … Read More

A busy day!

Ah! Django. The name only always brought fear with it to me. I started with its tutorial today and completed the poll application. It was not that tough as I thought it would be. Besides, it was fun. And yes, the struggle of 3 days for the implementation of arc using 3 points bore fruits … Read More

So much to be done

Made changes in implementation of point. I tried to repaint applying the condition that painting shall continue until there are points stored in vector i.e. size of vector != NIL. Debugging worked but only one point on the scene. Something real silly I guess. Will try to implement this first on passing static coordinates in … Read More

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