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Yesterday, I was probing for 2D implementation along with 3D in Ogre. And I was in the vicinity of overlays, manual objects and so many other things. But was this required yet? No. Chase two rabbits and both will escape!   Got a better clear insight today on how to take the next steps. So … Read More

A New Turn

After yesterday’s presentation concerning the GUI, making eCAD productive to the user, considering 3D too, we landed up to the conclusion that we will be using Ogre3D and various libraries of BRL-CAD like libbn(maths), libbu(utility), librt(ray-tracing). Oops! It happens. I was compiling OGRE from my own blog but it did not work. All the dependencies … Read More

Compiling OGRE app in QtCreator

OGRE applications can be built in various IDEs. I went on with my friend these days- QtCreator. In order to be able to see OGRE working on my system, I made an application with pre-constructed code. You can follow the instructions below: Just download the file at this link and un-tar it. This download contains … Read More

The Introductory Stride to OGRE

OGRE, acronym for Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine, is a scene-oriented 3D engine to make applications that make use of hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. The engine is written using C++. OGRE can be used in games, simulations. OGRE has an object-oriented design with a plugin architecture that allows easy addition of features, thus making it highly modular. … Read More

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