eCAD – 2D CAD Software

Features implemented:

  • User Interface: Menu System, Windows, Tabbed Interface
  • Graphics View: To render entities and graphics
  • Grid View: 2D Grid View
  • Tooltips: Show tooltips for icons
  • Mouse Events: Capture Mouse events for interaction
  • 2D Entities: Point, Line, Arc, Circle, Ellipse
  • Other Entities: Text, Image
  • Dimension entities: Linear dimension, Horizontal Dimension, Vertical Dimension
  • Basic Manipulation: Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Snapping: Snap to grid and and other entities
  • Zooming: Zoom in and out of graphics view
  • Panning: Allow panning across the entire drawing region
  • Selection: Selection via bounding box (rectangular selection)
  • Undo/Redo Manager: Undo-Redo commands and interactions
  • Custom Scripting Console: Script to create entities/li>
  • Status Bar: To display hints and status of entities and actions
  • Export: Export to image, pdf and xml formats

CSS Support in Inkscape – GSoC 2016

The Style Dialog can be opened by clicking on the "Style Dialog" entry under the "Object" menu. The dialog is divided into two panes. The top pane contains a list of CSS selectors that are defined in the SVG’s first style element. The bottom pane contains a list of CSS properties with their values as defined by the selector chosen in the CSS Selectors Pane, and if an object is selected under the chosen selector, as defined by the style attribute of that object.

Selecting a selector in the CSS Selectors Pane will select on the desktop all objects that match that selector. Selecting an object on the desktop will select the first selector in the CSS Selectors Pane that matches that object. More details can be found at