Passing Data using SharedPreferences

Sometimes while passing data between two activities, we are just concerned with passing data and not launching the activity to which the data is passed. SharedPreferences make this data passing easier without necessitating launch of the recipient activity. The usage is discussed briefly below: Say you have two activities A and B where A is … Read More

Installing Jabref

Jabref is an application to manage bibliography. It’s installation is pretty simple. Running the following command in Ubuntu 14.04 installs version 2.8 of Jabref while the latest one is 3.6. sudo apt-get install jabref The latest version can be obtained from here. You need Java version 1.6 or newer. On obtaining the jar file, you … Read More

Android Application Execution Error

Running my application in Android Emulator, I faced this error: error:execution failed for task ‘:app:compiledebugjavawithjavac’. My application got build up and ran in the emulator despite ignoring this issue. However, running it on my USB connected device was not a success. Here’s how it is fixed. It demanded the environment variable JAVA_HOME to be set … Read More

GSoC 2016 Work Report – Better CSS Style Sheet Support

Organization: Inkscape Project: Better CSS Style Sheet Support The trunk of Inkscape can be found at My branch name is css-support and this branch can be located at The list to commits I made along with a brief description for them can be seen below: Revision 14950: This registers Style dialog in Inkscape. … Read More

Selecting Matching Selectors when Objects are Selected

This post explains selection of treeview rows when objects belonging to that selector row are selected. First, the objects in the desktop selection are obtained. Next the treeview’s rows are iterated and each row’s column _colObj is obtained as: std::vector<spobject *> objVec = row[_mColumns._colObj]; The selected object’s ID is compared with each object’s ID in … Read More

Selection of Objects when Style Dialog Row is Selected

Whenever any row in Style Dialog is selected, the corresponding objects in the drawing must be selected. This was implemented quickly. First the selection prior to selecting any row is cleared. Next it is made sure that the objects are selected only when the tree column corresponding to selector label is clicked. First column with … Read More

Adding Objects to Selector (Part 2)

Any changes in the Style Dialog like adding an object to a selector must be updated in XML representation of the drawing. Clicking ‘+’ in front of a selector adds objects to that selector. If the selector to which object is added is a class selector, then the class attribute of the object is set … Read More

Progress So Far

Not going into details in this post, I will just mention about what progress I have made in the past two weeks. Adding Objects to Selector, in XML repr too Deleting objects from Style Dialog as well as from repr (this was a tough one) Selecting all matching objects when any row(selector) in Style Dialog … Read More

Adding Objects to Selector (Part 1)

Adding objects to selector has been a long process. So far, there has been a list of selectors in the style dialog. Adding objects to selectors will from a hierarchical structure. So Gtk::ListStore is replaced by Gtk::TreeStore which supports hierarchical representation of elements in the treeview. There are basically two things to be updated: Add … Read More

A Lot to be Done Yet

Undo redo support has not been added yet. Since yesterday, I have been exploring the same. Implemented a part of it by looking at undo redo implementation in Selection Sets. Some things look clear, others fuzzy. Since mid-term is near, I considered starting my last milestone before it. Little late for it. It is adding … Read More

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