Regular day

Today I was a regular day. I have started my work on making web page that enables the user to make any kind of certificate. I learnt basics of php today. Well I am working on it more so that I can incorporate it to achieve my target. I also attended a presentation on Django, … Read More

Basic LaTeX

Introduction: LaTeX is a typesetting language that is suitable for mainly math, science and other professional documents. It can be used to type books and small documents (reports, say). Required Software: You need a plain text editor and the LaTeX package. You can install it by using the following command: sudo apt-get install texlive-full Well, … Read More

I am learning

Today, it was a totally different day for me. The last few days I was not in my usual state of mind. I had the feeling that I have not learnt anything. But I realized that learning is a slow process and the fact is that once we realize that we have reached nowhere and … Read More

Being optimistic…

These days I came to learn many things. I worked on making of certificate and completed it yesterday. The overall experience was good. Finally, today the designs were shown to the respected person. But mine was not selected. No worries, you are not always at the top. You have to keep striving to accomplish the … Read More

June 13,2013

The last few days brought a change in my perspective for different things. I learnt to focus both on my work and my approach to be a good human being (no doubt I am already 😉 ). I got a clear overview of my project. The presentation by Prof.Ashish Malik opened my eyes to a … Read More

June 7,2013

Today I started with my project. I referred to other people’s blogs who have worked on the same before.I found it interesting and started with it. Till now I have not faced some problem with it. I am working on it and will give my best on it.

June 6,2013

Today I was alotted my project. I was assigned a project of certificate making using LaTex.I was all ‘question marks’. I had never heard it before.Later I came to know , it was something related to typesetting and I had attended a presentation on typography the previous day. But no doubt the motivation we were … Read More

June 5,2013

I was having some boot repair problem. As I sorted it out , some problem occurred again and while booting a "grub rescue" error showed up.Neither I was able to start Windows nor Ubuntu. Then again I had to follow some long process and everything was set. It , initially , irritated me. I was … Read More

June 3,2013

Today I made a web page and learnt installing Apache web server. I did this in virtual machine with Windows 8 as the host OS and Ubuntu as the parent OS. It all went well. But by the end of the day, the VM stopped working properly. Moreover, Dr.H.S.Rai told me that I should not … Read More

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