Not many but more..

Been a few days since I wrote down my progress here.

The issue with scripting widget has been resolved. Earlier, each drawing area had a connection with same script widget though multiple script widgets got appended but the scope was lost while switching among different drawings. It was a significant issue since otherwise user would have experienced trouble with issuing commands in different drawings.

Next we have implemented auto save feature for drawings too. It has been implemented earlier for scripting files only.

Yet there are trivial things like appending suffix to file name while saving, exporting files in xml, jpg or pdf formats if none is typed by the user while doing so. It was done using append() but something wrong went at the back till we noticed it yesterday. A blank file (text) got saved along with a file with file name provided while saving with the extension appended. So there were two files. This is solved now too. A little trouble with filter jpg is left.

Oh! I missed the main thing. 😛 I corrected the last issue while I was correcting export of files in PDF and images. The export got tricked while scaling the drawing area during the transformation process in order to provide first quadrant to the user by default.

Not many but a few more issues have been fixed.


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