Moving further

The day started with fixing of issue #50 out of the 4 issues I mentioned yesterday. To have a track of mouse position in the drawing area is helpful to the user. Previously, the eventfilter has been deployed on the entire eCAD window. However, it was required to be working only when mouse was in the drawing area.

Fixed the issue by installing the eventfilter on scene using

And then it was time when everyone present was installing eCAD and reporting issues. Felt more responsibility towards my project. The journey has been awesome till now.

Meanwhile, we continued comprehending the solution to implemenatation of undo/redo for move command. Someone has been pointing me out to use the same logic as it has been done for point entity and I didn’t take much notice considering it to be inappropriate.

From creating a logic to push different number of arguments to the undoStack, I figured the coordinates being local to the entity created, I moved onto understanding the mapToScene() which returns a point’s value in terms of scene coordinates which is required right now. And this would saving so much of redundant efforts we have been thinking that could get involved.

Will be continuing keeping track of various issues and the features in the to do list.

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