In the queue

I pioneered the implementation of change in color of grid and background in the drawing area. The two options are provided in a dialog box with the values contained in a combo-box. It was done but the color did not get update automatically whenever a different color was selected from the combo box. The change came to an effect after some wheel event or any change that updated the drawing area. A similar implementation has been done while enabling and disabling grid which resulted in updating the view/drawing-area just as the action was triggered. But this time it came to no avail.

The next thing was auto zoom which was deployed quite easily. The drawing created in the drawing area got fit in it. But the issue was unless we switched to no mode using Escape key, it did not come into action. Again this has been done by me for Select menu and again the previous implementation did not come to rescue.

For now both of these features are in queue, not at the head/front of the queue though.

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