Comments and length units

Comments Just like any other programming language, you can add comments in LaTeX. Comments are useful, no doubt, as they tell what the code is doing. Anything that is preceeded by % is a comment. An example is: usepackage{graphicx} %for including images Comments are ignored by the compiler and are a help in understanding the … Read More

New lines and paragraph

If you create a new line in LaTeX code i.e. in your .tex file, that would not generate a newline in the output pdf file. So you have to specify this in the code in order to have a newline in output. This is done quite easily by use of two backslashes (i.e. ). The … Read More

Basic LaTeX

Introduction: LaTeX is a typesetting language that is suitable for mainly math, science and other professional documents. It can be used to type books and small documents (reports, say). Required Software: You need a plain text editor and the LaTeX package. You can install it by using the following command: sudo apt-get install texlive-full Well, … Read More

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