Change color scheme of your vim

Bored of the color scheme of the vim editor. Changing involves a few steps as follows: Download the color scheme package. Extract it in your $Home/.vim folder. Now you have about 100 color schemes available for selection. Trying each one of them using :colorscheme colorscheme-name sounds time-consuming. Well, you can install another package Scroll Colors. … Read More

Application Development in Qt

In Qt, basically 5 types of applications can be developed. Depending on your purpose, you choose the one and all the environment for developing the application is provided by the framework. They are namely: Qt Widgets Application <li>Qt Quick Application</li> <li>Qt Quick UI Application</li> <li>HTML5 Application</li> <li>Qt Console Application</li> In this post, I will be … Read More

Compiling OGRE app in QtCreator

OGRE applications can be built in various IDEs. I went on with my friend these days- QtCreator. In order to be able to see OGRE working on my system, I made an application with pre-constructed code. You can follow the instructions below: Just download the file at this link and un-tar it. This download contains … Read More

The Introductory Stride to OGRE

OGRE, acronym for Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine, is a scene-oriented 3D engine to make applications that make use of hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. The engine is written using C++. OGRE can be used in games, simulations. OGRE has an object-oriented design with a plugin architecture that allows easy addition of features, thus making it highly modular. … Read More

Working with Sage

So something new always excites! Isn’t it? Today I will introduce you to the very powerful mathematics software, SAGE. In general, the word "sage" means a person who has profound wisdom. I had heard about it solving mathematical equations. But when I saw it working, I just astounded me. It works so painlessly. It is … Read More

A li’l more about SoQt and Coin3D

Getting acquainted with SoQt SoQt requires the Coin3D library. It does not come with Qt. The Qt’s free license prohibits the building of SoQt along with Qt. So it says SoQt has to be built separately on the system. To be able to use SoQt, you must have Coin3D and Qt working on your systems. … Read More

Qt with Coin3D

Well, I do not know how many of you have heard of Qt and Coin3D. In this post, I will be telling you about these and how these two can be used together. What is Qt? Qt is a cross-platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software with a graphical user interface … Read More


Coin3D is a high-level, retained-mode toolkit for effective 3D graphics development. It is API compatible with Open Inventor 2.1. Coin3D is a C++ object oriented retained mode 3D graphics API used to provide a higher layer of programming for OpenGL. Let’s begin with its installation in your Ubuntu. Installation: Download Coin-3.1.3.tar.gz fom Next unzip … Read More


Algorithms can be classified on different basis. A few of them have been considered below: Type of operations used by the algorithm Deterministic Algorithms: A deterministic algorithm is an algorithm which, given a particular input, will always produce the same output, with the underlying machine always passing through the same sequence of states. A deterministic … Read More

IDE interfaces(I)

Introduction Storage is an important part of your system. In fact, most personal computers have one or more of the following storage devices: Floppy drive Hard drive CD-ROM drive Usually, these devices connect to the computer through an Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) interface. Essentially, an IDE interface is a standard way for a storage device … Read More

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