We all have the ‘Genie’

Most of us have heard the folk of Aladdin and the magic lamp where he discovered a lamp in a cave full of treasures. Little did he know about its magical power. Fortuitously, he rubbed the lamp and a genie imprisoned in the lamp popped out. Every time the genie took shape, his first words were "Your wish is my command." And the story goes on where the genie fulfils the wishes of his master.

The Secret mentions the application of this parable. Each of us has the Genie called the Law of Attraction using which we can master the Universe at large and see all our wishes being fulfilled. We have to follow a few simple steps to create the life we want. Just analogous to the Aladdin’s genie, the Universe is here to serve us without questioning our commands. Whatever we think, speak or however we act, the Genie will leverage the Universe, through people, circumstances or events, to fulfil our wishes. All you have to do is-