Not many but more..

Been a few days since I wrote down my progress here. The issue with scripting widget has been resolved. Earlier, each drawing area had a connection with same script widget though multiple script widgets got appended but the scope was lost while switching among different drawings. It was a significant issue since otherwise user would … Read More

The coordinate system set

We have been fixing bugs these days and making eCAD finer. The drawing area had origin at top left corner of the drawing area. Coming to general implementation of coordinate systems, it was expected to be at bottom left. Did this today. The adding of text after this got mirrored and text was upside down … Read More

More minimal mending

Trivial things keep bugging us. The laboring of two days to decipher the shape of ellipse for selection finally resulted in the legitimate glow of happiness when #49 got solved. A further impediment was the rendering of grid in the print preview of the drawing and in the PDF generated after print. Both the print … Read More

Feeling accomplished

The approach for live preview has been almost same but we figured out a way to remove the entities that got added in the scene before an entity was finally added in the drawing area. Incorporating another list for entities that were added to the drawing area helped us accomplish this since this was cleared … Read More

Revamping selection

We had been encountering issues in selection of entities especially in the case of overlapping entities. The entity’s bounding rect was deployed for selection. If two entities overlapped, the one underneath could not be selected unless the one above was moved away completely. But the selection in correct manner was if the entity got selected … Read More

The paramount bug

eCAD has Multiple Document Interface (MDI). But its implementation did not engender the unerring working. Working in new documents stemmed up with the loss of scope in former documents. Switching to previous documents made basic functions like enabling/disabling grid inert. Though the implementation of grid’s enabling has been done lately but the prior deployment had … Read More

The nickel-and-dime flaws

The functionality of a few things seemed ambiguous. An entity could be copy/cut even if it was not in selected state but this should betide only in an entity’s selection state. Another one was, a position changed state i.e. a move command was pushed to the undo stack though the position of entity remained same. … Read More

Fixing issues

There have been issues while pasting entities after cut/copy. The pasted entities retained the id of the id being copied/cut. We fixed this issue. The implementation of the same has not been done for line. So I did it for line too. Also live preview was seen just twice in my yesterday’s implementation but now … Read More

Perfected the menu options

Almost all the options under different menus have been implemented. Today I implemented Grid actions which on checking/un-checking shows/hides the grid. Zoom-in/out were associated to the corresponding scale factors from the view class. The panning feature has also been implemented. Currently De-select window cannot be implemented since the entities get de-selected on clicking anywhere on … Read More

The two ways of window selection

Ever tried on LibreCAD or AutoCAD? And then played with the selection using mouse drag in the drawing area. This feature is agile and it requires a little attention to catch the difference when selecting in increasing and decreasing values of x-axis. The logic of this feature’s implementation in eCAD was clearly associated with the … Read More

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