June 5,2013

I was having some boot repair problem. As I sorted it out , some problem occurred again and while booting a "grub rescue" error showed up.Neither I was able to start Windows nor Ubuntu. Then again I had to follow some long process and everything was set. It , initially , irritated me. I was like , why was it happening again and again but then I realised everytime anything went wrong,I was learning something new.

The important part was that I cooled up my mind and gave my best to have what I needed to have.

June 3,2013

Today I made a web page and learnt installing Apache web server. I did this in virtual machine with Windows 8 as the host OS and Ubuntu as the parent OS.

It all went well. But by the end of the day, the VM stopped working properly. Moreover, Dr.H.S.Rai told me that I should not prefer using VM. So I started searching for ways to install Ubuntu on my UEFI based laptop.