Installing Jabref

Jabref is an application to manage bibliography. It’s installation is pretty simple. Running the following command in Ubuntu 14.04 installs version 2.8 of Jabref while the latest one is 3.6. sudo apt-get install jabref The latest version can be obtained from here. You need Java version 1.6 or newer. On obtaining the jar file, you … Read More

Android Application Execution Error

Running my application in Android Emulator, I faced this error: error:execution failed for task ‘:app:compiledebugjavawithjavac’. My application got build up and ran in the emulator despite ignoring this issue. However, running it on my USB connected device was not a success. Here’s how it is fixed. It demanded the environment variable JAVA_HOME to be set … Read More


Transferring my work from libdxf to libdxfrw has not been easy so far. Considering the functionality of parsing the input file remaining completely same, the functions to write DXF file had to be understood. A simple line can be written to DXF file as: DRW_Line line; line.basePoint.x = 10; line.basePoint.y = 20; line.secPoint.x = 30; … Read More

The Random Argument Input

In the previous implementation, the ordering of arguments mattered. Putting length as second argument after height as the first parameter altered the drawing which was not desired for the user. Considering the same entity wall, creating few walls like: wall(l=100,h=30,bx=10,by=10) wall(h=50,l=120,bx=10,by=40) wall(bx=20,h=100,by=100,l=60), does not affect the drawing. A vector was created for storing the values … Read More

Algorithm Complexity : Recursion Tree

In this post, I aim to explain a method of solving recurrence relations, the result of which will give the complexity of the relation. The performance of the algorithm varies with the input size given to it. Often counting the number of steps performed by algorithm are used to measure its performance. However, for larger … Read More

txt to Drawing in LibreCAD

Recently, I have been working with DXF library. My aim has been to take a text file as input from the user which has details of different elements of a building. Currently I am focusing on the wall entity. On parsing the input file, it yields a DXF file as output which can be opened … Read More

Just setting up in Unity

It’s been quite a while since I wrote here. I have been onto Unity, now Unity5, previously on Unity4.6. Unity5 is free now with so many more features which were in pro in earlier versions. The GDC day showed high ecstasy amongst the developers. Since last few days, I have been doing those little yet … Read More

Snap and dimension

Next I started with snapping to center and snapping to end points, the next two types of snapping after snapping to grid. The centers and end points are added to two different lists which are then iterated to check the distance of position of mouse from these different points added in the lists, with an … Read More

In the queue

I pioneered the implementation of change in color of grid and background in the drawing area. The two options are provided in a dialog box with the values contained in a combo-box. It was done but the color did not get update automatically whenever a different color was selected from the combo box. The change … Read More

Making it amiable

I have just implemented the display of appropriate messages on the status bar while the user creates entities. This has to be done giving suitable messages for other events too. The messages can be given as a tool tip to the user too. This is to be discussed. Also the statusbar has been divided into … Read More

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