Bugs can be beautiful

Moving to my next task, live preview. Earlier we have been deploying only mousePressEvent() and mouseReleaseEvent(). The mouseMoveEvent() will be coming in action now. The other day I have been working on this and my colleagues were really enjoying using this, though it is a bug. Just a glimpse: Isn’t it awesome? 😀 I will … Read More

Angles identified

I have been implementing arc using three points considering on its circumference. But the angles have been troubling me continuously. Neither start angle nor the span angle i.e. difference of start angle and end angle was correct. If one of them was correct, other was easy to compute. A negation with start angle solved the … Read More

Finally :D

Besides helping out in scripting, I have been slow for my own job because of boredom ascribed to continuous trials but with no results. It was confusing and it had to be. I was doing the right things but at wrong places. 😛 So I kept line again aside and starting hunting the undo/redo implementation … Read More

Yeah it involved struggle

Implementing move command only for line was not easy, albeit it has a glitch still but most of the important necessary things have been done. The issues I faced include: setPos() function just with a single parameter viz. the scene position did all well. Undo redo had no issue. Though on undo, it quickly jumped … Read More

A few trivial things

A few minute changes had to be done like setting correct icons. Did those. I have not yet understood the implementation of multiple line text. Scrutinized the code that had been implemented for it. Understanding work done by others is necessary. I figured a few unnecessary things and we got them corrected. Saving of text … Read More


I got really excited when I reported to do the new LaTeX task for writing a book using it. 😀 A book! This was something I had in my mind during my six weeks training. Well finally I got an opportunity. Focusing on the content only, we proceeded with a simple template for the book. … Read More

Cracking the issues

I had considered that arc’s implementation would go on similarly as it was deployed in Dr. Geo by us but to no avail. The start and end angles tricked then and now too. My bad, could not figure it out yet. Though arc is painted but it is shifted by a same angle from the … Read More

Something New

Today I got my hands on wordpress while making my theme for my personal website. The template customizing was not a tough job initially but migrating it to wordpress was interesting. functions.php is a very important in any wordpress theme. The initial template provided static menu items in the top navigation bar. These were replaced … Read More

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