OAuth & OSM

The number of libraries, APIs available today to perform variegated tasks is profuse. Despite the abundance, sometimes alternatives are minimal and from these scarce resources, a solution that fits our specific needs are inconsequential. Lately working on OAuth for a project based on OpenStreetMap, I could not find a convenient guide to understand and implement. Persevering on making it functional, I authorized my Android application the access to OSM servers.

By the use of Signpost, things became a little simpler. Use of Twitter API, Facebook API with signpost is all over the web. A novice developer of Android like me cannot go on without a little fretting. Further in this post, I am sharing the screenshots of the authentication and authorization.

The screenshots are self-describing. In an upcoming post, I will write a tutorial on how to execute this task.

Magical Union Valley

Human body is capable of numerous things, a whole lot of which is certainly unprecedented to me. Headache is a rare phenomenon I confront. My inquisitiveness prompts me to explore and so I did when a friend of mine suggested me something related to acupressure points. Found a nice article here with the help of which it just took a minute or two to relieve me of the headache I had.

Yep I did apply pressure on the Union Valley and it was magic!

Fixing Grub in UEFI mode

Boot Repair never worked for me. Despite the dual boot, Windows booted every time and so I had a workaround using Escape key and following up Boot Options from there which was always an inconvenience. Another temporary fix had to be repeated. So the permanent that has been successful is discussed ahead.

Using terminal:

gksu gedit /etc/default/grub

In this file, find the line:


Edit this line to look like:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_backlight=vendor nouveau.modeset=1"

Save the file and issue a final command to flush the new changes:

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Reboot and enjoy!

Untangling WiFi Issue in Ubuntu 16.04

After successful installation of Ubuntu 16.04 on my HP Envy x360, I confronted an issue with WiFi with status device not ready. Researching the issue, I found it happens to be a common issue with this LTS. Moving on to fixing it, I tried numerous solutions and each of them proved futile. After the arduous attempts, I found the needle in the haystack and it was specified for the HP Envy series only. If you encounter a similar issue, follow up the steps below-

First check the results for

lsmod | grep acer

If the above command returns


Then you should blacklist the module using

echo "blacklist acer_wmi" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

Reboot and you are done!

Just Not a Quill Skill

Calligraphy has been an aesthetic pleasure since ancient times. From lettering formal texts in bygone periods to the penmanship in the prevalent era that covers the ornamental writing for wedding planning companies, graphic design firms and educational institutes, calligraphy continues to be an epitome of eternal beauty.

Living in a rush, often we do not get enough time to learn things from scratch and be the master in the field. To be exemplary in calligraphy, one can get clued up about a few plain sailing techniques and create his/her own sensations pretty soon. This article will explain an effortless method to fabricate a beautiful work of art.

All that you require is a plain white paper of the size of the art you want to make, a pencil (since you are a novice yet just like me), a black pen (can be colored, it is all your choice). Remember there are no rules, you just follow your heart and you will definitely end up with a beauty. We are going to learn the down-stroke technique. You may wonder about all those calligraphy pens, nibs being used by professionals. No you don’t have to spend anything on those for now.

So now gear yourself up. Write anything that you want to smarten up with the technique.

Next thing you gotta do is create down-strokes. A down-stroke is when you move your pen/pencil in downward direction. So create down-strokes for all the letters. Keep the gap between the two lines constituting the down-stroke uniform. Next just fill up the gap of the down-strokes as done below. Again no constraints on how you want to fill in the gap, partially or completely, left side filled or right side filled, all your choice. Notice the filling variations in the quote I wrote below.

The same thing that would have been accomplished with much more hard work i.e. learning quilling with the calligraphy pens, you just did it trouble-free. Well that’s awesome! 😀

If done appropriately, you can create arts using the same technique. I believe it will be hard to tell if you created your artwork with dipping pens and following the quilling process or you did it with the simple use of a ball pen. Who says calligraphy is just a quill skill. Well I say it is not!

Happy quilling! 😉

We all have the ‘Genie’

Most of us have heard the folk of Aladdin and the magic lamp where he discovered a lamp in a cave full of treasures. Little did he know about its magical power. Fortuitously, he rubbed the lamp and a genie imprisoned in the lamp popped out. Every time the genie took shape, his first words were "Your wish is my command." And the story goes on where the genie fulfils the wishes of his master.

The Secret mentions the application of this parable. Each of us has the Genie called the Law of Attraction using which we can master the Universe at large and see all our wishes being fulfilled. We have to follow a few simple steps to create the life we want. Just analogous to the Aladdin’s genie, the Universe is here to serve us without questioning our commands. Whatever we think, speak or however we act, the Genie will leverage the Universe, through people, circumstances or events, to fulfil our wishes. All you have to do is-