A step forward

Yeah it was a long day. Started my day with extending help in installation of CalculiX to Balpreet. The errors clearly said it was a path issue. Did some tricks in the Makefile. I just got her two steps ahead in the installation. My bad! 😉 Coming to the implementation of move command, the issues … Read More

Moving further

The day started with fixing of issue #50 out of the 4 issues I mentioned yesterday. To have a track of mouse position in the drawing area is helpful to the user. Previously, the eventfilter has been deployed on the entire eCAD window. However, it was required to be working only when mouse was in … Read More

Undo/Redo for deletion && updating selection

Today we implemented undo/redo for delete operation. Likewise, we proceeded with undo/redo for move operation. Successfully implemented it for point entity. Saving the file also showed the updated coordinates of point. Moving the other entities resulted in inconsistent pushing of positions to the undo stack. Since the other entities need more information to be pushed … Read More

Turning hands to Undo & Redo

Since undo/redo form a very essential part of any application, we chose to implement this after the deployment of movement and selection of items. This will avoid the chaos when proceeding with actions like cut, copy and paste. The Qt’s Undo Framework supports undo/redo for all those actions/functions that are inherited from QUndoCommand. The previous … Read More

Saving data and moving further

The save operation has been implemented after the painting of all entities. We are now proceeding to assigning ids, a unique one duh, to each entity. Since on running eCAD, the mdi area had no document in it and triggering any of the entities brought segmentation fault, the buttons have been disabled until there is … Read More

It had to be transformed

So I struggled today to correct the implementation of ellipse we had done previously. Deploying QPainterPath for painting now, the ellipse got its axis parallel to the principal coordinate axes, no matter what was the position of clicks with respect to one another. The two cases are shown below though the tilted one has glitches. … Read More

Attuning with MGED

Before diving into implementation of MGED, we considered it necessary to understand how MGED works. I have completed basic working as a user on MGED. Creating shapes, regions, combinations and ray tracing constitute the modeling process. Also learnt how to perform different operations on various objects, namely union, intersection and subtraction. Assigned materials to objects, … Read More

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