Attuning with MGED

Before diving into implementation of MGED, we considered it necessary to understand how MGED works. I have completed basic working as a user on MGED.

Creating shapes, regions, combinations and ray tracing constitute the modeling process. Also learnt how to perform different operations on various objects, namely union, intersection and subtraction. Assigned materials to objects, added internal components to objects, created redefined model for a special case. So now I have clear overview of the working in MGED as a user.

Two of the few models I made:

A Candle Cutaway view of a radio

Next we will be diving into its code.

Continuing my task on Flex/Bison, I could not cope up much with it yet. I have linked the working of flex and bison files, but conversion between formats perplexes me. So much missing from my part.

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