And what I see is a book!

Huh! I got my hands a little bit on QML, Qt Meta Language. It is easy to use. Basically it is a language centred for the creation of UIs. The task is to create UI for LCv3 and subsequently for GD CAD.

De novo, I began with exploring demos and examples provided in Qt documentation. Tried a few of them. The very first one making use of concept of states and transitions. It was a simple one. Coming to the UI part, the basic design was prepared and it was not a matter of an hour to see the menu bar and the sub-menus running as a Qt Quick UI application.

Since only the UI, what is visible to the user to be more specific, only bars and buttons was not the concern, the functionality has also to be incorporated for eacch of them. We shifted from Qt Quick UI application to Qt Quick Application. The difference between them being that the latter provides brace for making use of C++ in your application while the former does not. Well, this was all similar. Then reached the functionality part, got stuck at linking QML with C++.

On probing, I was able to use functions created in C++ files of the application in the QML file. Voila! What was needed was exactly the opposite. Never mind, I got something to learn. šŸ˜€

Ensuing more exploration and discussions, here I sit just with the root of the application to create UI that would be based on widgets. Things are known but I am not well acquainted to them. I am getting confused at very little things. -_- And what I see is a book that would help me understand things, help me revive them, imprinting in my mind the very basic concepts.

Hits and trials do not take you longer distances. Beginning with foundations of Qt development! Well here I go…

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