A New Turn

After yesterday’s presentation concerning the GUI, making eCAD productive to the user, considering 3D too, we landed up to the conclusion that we will be using Ogre3D and various libraries of BRL-CAD like libbn(maths), libbu(utility), librt(ray-tracing).

Oops! It happens. I was compiling OGRE from my own blog but it did not work. All the dependencies were installed on my system. What was it? Cmake could not find where the libfreetype6 library was installed. Endeavored till I was done with installation.

What did I do? I installed the dependencies in a separate folder. Ahan! bitbucket has a repository of Ogre dependencies. The zip file can be downloaded from here: ogredeps.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Extract it.
  2. cd/path_to_directory_where_you_extracted
  3. mkdir build
  4. cd build
  5. cmake ..
  6. make
  7. make install

You are done with dependencies. After this you will have a directory named ogredeps in your build directory. This has include and lib folders in it. Then I installed cmake-gui using sudo apt-get install cmake-qt-gui in order to be specific in providing paths manually.

Provide the path to your Ogre source, Ogre build directory and the dependencies directory i.e. the ogredeps you got after compiling dependencies.

Click Configure and then Generate. Phew! Worked. Now we will be implementing a cylinder in OGRE’s scene along with Qt. Till now nothing has been taken into account of 3D. But from now on, it will be done too as a priority so that no major changes have to be done in future.

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