A busy day!

Ah! Django. The name only always brought fear with it to me. I started with its tutorial today and completed the poll application. It was not that tough as I thought it would be. Besides, it was fun.

And yes, the struggle of 3 days for the implementation of arc using 3 points bore fruits today. 😀

Coming to my own project, I am thinking to keep the repainting issue aside and store the data of one graphics item in a file. Came across QXmlStreamReader and QXmlStreamWriter provided by Qt. These classes save the data in XML format. Data streaming coming to my mind. The items() function of QGraphicsScene is helpful in retrieving the graphics item in a graphics scene. But then on discussion came to know will it work when zooming operations are performed on the graphics scene.

A storm in my head, where will it lead? One question leading to another. So much to explore yet!

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